Busy, happy hands.

I’ve been a little lost for a while, both personally and professionally. And frustrated, because I just can’t figure out what to do. I’ve thought about it, and I’ve thought about it again, and again, and not reached any real solutions.

But what I have realized is that until I can figure all that out, the best thing to do is keep my hands and my head busy. I love to make things. I love to sew. And working with fabric is like going home.

ninja turtles pouch
A ninja turtle patchwork pouch for a friend and the batiks!

I had a lot of fun playing with some lovely batiks from The Square Inch and triangle templates from a patchwork cushions kit from Bernina Creative Center.

stain glass patchwork cushion cover

blue patchwork cushion cover 1

I also made a set of curtains for my room!

bugs and butterflies curtain 2

bugs and butterflies curtain 1




We had to design a brand for an assignment in college. Everything about it from the name, logo, products catalogue, to the details like raw material sourcing and distribution network. I did that assignment with a lot of heart for I had always wanted to start my own brand some day.

I named by brand Rain because I love the moment just before it starts raining. When you hear the thunder, smell the earth and know that something really good is going to happen.

I started selling online two years back, on Shopo. I used the brand name Rain then. However the site soon got bought by Snapdeal and so I stopped selling there.

I now use the brand name Ujaas. But I’m still very fond of that initial idea, the beginning and those memories and I’m proud to say that when I did start my own store, it looked a lot like how I had planned in college.

rain shop front

This is the shop-front I had designed in college.

Just Divine Chocolates! Cheesy but true :D


Khatija and I did a chocolate making class at Ruchira Cooking Classes a while back. We bought some supplies on the way home – dark compound (because we prefer the taste), a silicone mould, and cherry preserve from Fabindia. And we made dark chocolate with cherry filling. They tasted amazing!!

Chocolate making sounds like an inappropriate hobby for people trying to lose weight (me) and even those who are trying to keep a check on their weight (Khatija). But we just can’t stop 😀 Firstly because they are so yummy, and secondly because they are so easy and fun to make. We bought some cute moulds on Amazon – the robots, the tropical plants and fruits, and the starfish. We tried using grape preserve instead of cherry but it’s too sweet and doesn’t have that hit of flavour. Khatija added a little milk compound in a batch. She prefers it a little less dark.  And she also experimented and put a huge mint in one chocolate which was quite stressful for her teeth to bite!

The last batch of chocolates we made is almost over. So it’s time to buy more dark compound!



Today morning

I woke up 15 minutes back. Khatija just left for college. Sitting near the open door where I can see the hibiscuses. One orange and one red one have bloomed today. A white one will bloom when the sun comes up a little more. I love this part of the day. The weather is lovely. I know I have the whole day ahead. A lot of work gets done in this time. It makes me feel optimistic.