There are those sights and those sounds that change the way I see the world. Seeing a wildflower bloom in the midst of mess, I realize the mess never defines the wildflower. All the hell’s on the outside, none inside.

Where does strength come from? Where does courage come from?

Sometimes seeing something so pure, it makes me worry that it is so vulnerable. Light and happy, standing erect and free. All that I desire. All that I respect. So gentle and unassuming.

I feel like it has to protected. A desire to shield that which is lovely and true from a very messy world.

But does it need any such protection? Where does strength come from?

I think it comes from happiness deep within. It comes from integrity, love, and light. That which is pure has such tremendous strength.



Like water that flows between rocks,

And beyond the rocks.

Know that life is the ultimate value,

And to flow wherever there is life.


Fall, fail, get lost, get hurt,

But do, but live.

Life cannot bear stagnancy,

And neither can you.


Like a calming breeze, or a raging wind,

You must move.

For you can either grow,

Or decay.


Lost, and will be found.

Hot and cold. Warm sunshine and cold. That’s how my moods fluctuate.

Really happy at times. Alive, free, high. Hammocks, jungle, golden sunsets on the sea and golden hair. Living and loving.

Cold is the only word to describe the other times. Something seems to just have gone cold in me.

The person I love most died. And the world doesn’t really make sense any more.

But I climbed a fort the other day. And then wandered off on a foot trail on the hill. Watched the sun set on the sea while my hair blew about.

I hear the birds and watch the squirrels. I see the sky full of stars, and amaze that something so wonderful is so real.

I sleep in the winter sunshine, swaying on a hammock, in a world of different shades of green.

I meet people who are so alive, meeting whom gives me tremendous joy.

I hate the cold. But the first part to getting rid of it, is to accept it’s there.

Kate & Leopold

This is a movie I can watch over and over again. Mainly, because Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman are a pleasure to watch. But also for so much more.

For an old world charm, for courteousness and chivalry, for handwritten notes. For a slower time. Well not slower exactly. But without rush and unnecessary haste. For rooftop dinners. And elaborate, luxurious clothes.

For the pleasure of seeing someone take his time to do whatever he wants. And taking the time and putting in the effort to be polite and kind always. For reminding me to do so. For the little details that matter a lot, that can make you so happy.

My favourite line in the movie is when Charlie is telling Patrice he likes her and says ‘You’re graceful’. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this before.

A few years back, if you had asked me what are the most important traits in a person, I would have said integrity, justice and courage. Today I would add grace and kindness.

Hence watching Leopold is sheer pleasure.


What do you support?

All money spent is a vote. A vote that shows what you support. A vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

What do you vote for?


A trending product that you will wear only a few times?

A classic that you will love wearing again and again?


Lots of cheap, funky clothes?

A few really well-tailored ones?


The ones made by people working very long stressful hours?

Or those made by happy hands in a stress-free environment?


Those made as fast as possible, to sell as many as possible?

Or the ones that are lovingly made for the love of the craft?


Products that are constructed without much thought that goes beyond the sale?

Or those where every seam is strong and is built to last?


A dress that will end up in a landfill by the end of the year?

Or a dress that your younger sister will love wearing too?


Two cheap, stylish shirts that can’t be recycled and will end in a dump?

One shirt that will be recycled and become something lovely new?


More dumps and landfills in the future?

Hand-crafted heirlooms to be passed down generations in the future?


A frenzied pace, that is neither good for you, nor those around you, nor the earth?

A slower pace of things, that will give you time to pause and think and live?



Warm, windy days.

When your name is said with a smile and such respect, that it becomes a compliment.

When it is said with such tenderness, it becomes a caress.


When the thought of you brings to mind happy, gay times.

And when it makes someone randomly smile.


When someone thinks of you in that semi-consciousness of just waking up.

When someone falls asleep to the thought of you.


When your name is said with a grin and laughing eyes,

you know that that moment is all that matters.


Evening at the pond workshop! And a very beautiful day!

I attended a paper foundation piecing workshop taught by Sobana Sundar Ma’am at the Tsala Studio last Saturday. And I had a wonderful time!


Sobana Ma’am taught us the Evening at the Pond block from the Dreamcatcher quilt pattern by Patchwork of my Life. The block initially seemed super complicated to me, but Ma’am showed us how to make it come together easily!!


Thank you Vatsala Ma’am for creating such a lovely space!  The studio is  bright, spacious and airy. A perfect place to sew. And the work displayed here is truly inspiring.


Sobana Ma’am’s complete quilt! It’s just amazing! You can see her work at The Quilt Bug.


Learning from Rukmini and Naveen was so much fun! Naveen showed us a really quick way to peel off the paper. Without his technique it would have taken me ages!




It was great to meet lovely people who are also passionate about sewing! 🙂


A friend asked me “Went to Bangalore just for a one day workshop? Isn’t it too far?” My response was “It was totally worth it! 😀 ”


Me and my block!

After getting back, I tried paper piecing using this simple free pattern.


These gorgeous batiks are from The Square Inch. I just can’t stop playing with them!