What do you support?

All money spent is a vote. A vote that shows what you support. A vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

What do you vote for?


A trending product that you will wear only a few times?

A classic that you will love wearing again and again?


Lots of cheap, funky clothes?

A few really well-tailored ones?


The ones made by people working very long stressful hours?

Or those made by happy hands in a stress-free environment?


Those made as fast as possible, to sell as many as possible?

Or the ones that are lovingly made for the love of the craft?


Products that are constructed without much thought that goes beyond the sale?

Or those where every seam is strong and is built to last?


A dress that will end up in a landfill by the end of the year?

Or a dress that your younger sister will love wearing too?


Two cheap, stylish shirts that can’t be recycled and will end in a dump?

One shirt that will be recycled and become something lovely new?


More dumps and landfills in the future?

Hand-crafted heirlooms to be passed down generations in the future?


A frenzied pace, that is neither good for you, nor those around you, nor the earth?

A slower pace of things, that will give you time to pause and think and live?




Evening at the pond workshop! And a very beautiful day!

I attended a paper foundation piecing workshop taught by Sobana Sundar Ma’am at the Tsala Studio last Saturday. And I had a wonderful time!


Sobana Ma’am taught us the Evening at the Pond block from the Dreamcatcher quilt pattern by Patchwork of my Life. The block initially seemed super complicated to me, but Ma’am showed us how to make it come together easily!!


Thank you Vatsala Ma’am for creating such a lovely space!  The studio is  bright, spacious and airy. A perfect place to sew. And the work displayed here is truly inspiring.


Sobana Ma’am’s complete quilt! It’s just amazing! You can see her work at The Quilt Bug.


Learning from Rukmini and Naveen was so much fun! Naveen showed us a really quick way to peel off the paper. Without his technique it would have taken me ages!




It was great to meet lovely people who are also passionate about sewing! 🙂


A friend asked me “Went to Bangalore just for a one day workshop? Isn’t it too far?” My response was “It was totally worth it! 😀 ”


Me and my block!

After getting back, I tried paper piecing using this simple free pattern.


These gorgeous batiks are from The Square Inch. I just can’t stop playing with them!




Old is New!


I’ve been thinking of up-cycling some of my old t-shirts for ages and finally got around to doing it. I had an old No Nasties t-shirt and a plain grey t-shirt from Pantaloons. I couldn’t wear them any longer because of some stains and holes. But I loved both of them and thought they would make a cute clutch. So began my first experiment sewing with knits!

blow your own blog 8

blow your own blog 7

I interfaced the fabric and then quilted it to add some structure and stability.

blow your own blog 6

The grey t-shirt made a lovely accent fabric.

blow your own blog 4

blow your own blog 5

This pretty butterflies fabric is the lining.

blow your own blog 3

I love how the clutch turned out! The soft t-shirts give it a lovely feel and the interfacing and batting give it good structure. Also, sewing the knits wasn’t really difficult.

blow your own blog 2

I quilted the back in simple diagonal lines and added a faux leather zipper pull.

Lots of both these t-shirts’ fabrics is left, which I’m saving to try a small patchwork quilt with.


How I learnt bag-making!

I love making bags! While I’ve done my graduation in fashion design, the course didn’t really include bag-making. I’ve learnt how to make bags mainly from PDF patterns.

patterns pic
A mini NCW in progress.

These patterns have taught me pretty much everything I know about bag-making and are a super important part of the construction process. A pattern generally includes the list of recommended materials (fabrics, fusings,  interfacings, hardware) suitable for the particular style of bag, step by step photos/diagrams of the construction process and the pattern pieces.

The patterns I use come with a licence to sew and sell a small quantity of products hand-made from the pattern (no mass production). Since I make all the products myself, in the comfort of my home, this works well for me.

These are some of my favourite pattern designers-

Dog Under My Desk – I love Erin’s patterns for extremely well-written and detailed instructions. The bags have a clean and confident style which I love.

Michelle Patterns – These were the first patterns I ever tried. The designs are sweet and simple and a pleasure to make.

Noodlehead – For lovely, one of a kind styles. I love the 241 Tote pattern and the Go Anywhere Bag pattern.

Emmaline Bags – I LOVE the Necessary Clutch Wallet pattern! When I first saw the pattern, I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. But it’s such a great pattern, the wallet comes together very easily. I have made around 45 of these now!

Swoon Sewing Patterns – For great designs, lots of styles to choose from and very good instructions.

Blue Calla Patterns – For beautiful, graceful designs. I love the pleats!

Though the post title says ‘learnt’, I still have sooooo much more to learn!


Busy, happy hands.

I’ve been a little lost for a while, both personally and professionally. And frustrated, because I just can’t figure out what to do. I’ve thought about it, and I’ve thought about it again, and again, and not reached any real solutions.

But what I have realized is that until I can figure all that out, the best thing to do is keep my hands and my head busy. I love to make things. I love to sew. And working with fabric is like going home.

ninja turtles pouch
A ninja turtle patchwork pouch for a friend and the batiks!

I had a lot of fun playing with some lovely batiks from The Square Inch and triangle templates from a patchwork cushions kit from Bernina Creative Center.

stain glass patchwork cushion cover

blue patchwork cushion cover 1

I also made a set of curtains for my room!

bugs and butterflies curtain 2

bugs and butterflies curtain 1



We had to design a brand for an assignment in college. Everything about it from the name, logo, products catalogue, to the details like raw material sourcing and distribution network. I did that assignment with a lot of heart for I had always wanted to start my own brand some day.

I named by brand Rain because I love the moment just before it starts raining. When you hear the thunder, smell the earth and know that something really good is going to happen.

I started selling online two years back, on Shopo. I used the brand name Rain then. However the site soon got bought by Snapdeal and so I stopped selling there.

I now use the brand name Ujaas. But I’m still very fond of that initial idea, the beginning and those memories and I’m proud to say that when I did start my own store, it looked a lot like how I had planned in college.

rain shop front

This is the shop-front I had designed in college.