Mumbai meri jaan.

I’ve been coming here since I was 5. Or 3 maybe? In the comfort of my grandparents’ house. Living in the light of such grace. Trips to the seashore close by. Or long expeditions to faraway beaches. Memories sweet and precious.

Coming as a volunteer for a fashion week. Excitedly spotting celebrities. Travelling in a local train for the first time. Travelling in a mostly empty local late at night with friends. A city with so much energy. Meeting old friends and lovely strangers.

Falling in love with somebody here. That’s not why I fell in love with the city, but it is perhaps why I don’t feel so homesick here. That person is now a friend, but the warmth for the city remains.

Coming to my nanima’s house. Safe and loved. Standing at the window, and watching the cars go by at all hours of the night. Loving a city that never sleeps.

Exploring with my sister. All the amazing food.

The fabric market. The flea markets. So many trips for work. Feeling proud and respected. Such a wonderful feeling.

Marine drive at night. Bandra fort in the rain.

The people I met. Alike, different, kind, enterprising. Every smile. Loving and being loved. New adventures. And the spirit of adventure.

A month learning yoga in a green haven here. Learning to go back to myself. Feeling safe again.

Living and loving. This city has given me so much.


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