What do you support?

All money spent is a vote. A vote that shows what you support. A vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

What do you vote for?


A trending product that you will wear only a few times?

A classic that you will love wearing again and again?


Lots of cheap, funky clothes?

A few really well-tailored ones?


The ones made by people working very long stressful hours?

Or those made by happy hands in a stress-free environment?


Those made as fast as possible, to sell as many as possible?

Or the ones that are lovingly made for the love of the craft?


Products that are constructed without much thought that goes beyond the sale?

Or those where every seam is strong and is built to last?


A dress that will end up in a landfill by the end of the year?

Or a dress that your younger sister will love wearing too?


Two cheap, stylish shirts that can’t be recycled and will end in a dump?

One shirt that will be recycled and become something lovely new?


More dumps and landfills in the future?

Hand-crafted heirlooms to be passed down generations in the future?


A frenzied pace, that is neither good for you, nor those around you, nor the earth?

A slower pace of things, that will give you time to pause and think and live?




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