Random happy sights.

I saw a beautiful lady today. She was wearing a purple silk sari; light purple body and a darker purple border. I think the border was printed, and not woven, by the way the sari flowed. The border had some fine print, but I couldn’t make it out from a distance. I was waiting at a traffic signal, and she drove past on a two-wheeler, her sari billowing around her. She had grey hair and wore purple sunglasses which had a dark brown frame. She looked super cool.

I love it when I unexpectedly see someone I don’t know, the sight of whom makes me simply happy. I spent a little time thinking about her. What kind of a person must she be? What must she have thought before dressing up today? Does she wear a silk sari everyday?

Maybe the world has such happy things to show us everyday, if only we are observant enough.

This post was written in response to – Maybe


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