Beautiful as I am.

Three years of fashion design. Countless hours of sketching tall, thin fashion figures. So many fashion magazines. Almost everyone in them tall and thin again. And with such flawless complexions!

I am a strong and honest person.

But I am not tall or thin or have shiny skin. My hair is neither ironed, nor curled. It’s a tad wavy and falls naturally like it always did. The only make-up I own is kajal and some nail polishes, which i apply once in a few months.

I am not mass-produced and I have no desire to look like it.

I wear whatever I feel like. Fashion isn’t very important to me. Good clothing is.

I’ve noticed that I find people good looking when they look thoughtful, happy and confident. When they stand upright and are comfortable in their own skin.

What makes a person beautiful?


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