Making sure my mind is my own.

So much input enters my mind. I see things, I hear things, I read things.

A great part of the input is very good. It makes me happy, it teaches me.

A little part of the input isn’t very good.

There are things people say and do which are very clear. And then there are subtexts, things between the lines. A kind of social conditioning. People’s attitudes and things they assume and take as understood.

Most times I think about the input. I analyse it. If applicable, I think whether it’s right or wrong. And thus after sorting, it’s gets stored in my mind.

But of late I’ve realized that some stuff settles in my mind even though it shouldn’t. I know something is wrong, but I’ve heard it so many times, I can’t get it out of my mind. I’ve thought it out, I think it’s wrong, but the wrong idea still lingers in my mind.

And sometimes, I can’t get out of a state of mind I was in. The state of mind was at a particular time and for a particular reason. The reason is no longer applicable at this time. But I can’t get myself out of that state of mind. That state of mind for me is a sense of panic.

These days I often find myself consciously stopping an incorrect train of thought.

I need to train my mind. Put away the noise.

I have to be who I want to be.


4 Replies to “Making sure my mind is my own.”

      1. 😦 ugly ? NO. and about fat then indian men like hari bhari ladkiya 😀 for eg my brothers harsh and vinit(i am not at all hinting that harsh’s girl friend is fat):D :p
        keep working leave no space for such illogical things, there is no place for ugliness and fatness in love. love you. 😉 you can ask khatija di too 🙂


      2. 🙂 I know. It’s just that this idiotic idea got stuck my in my mind. It’s going now! Thank you! Love you! 🙂 🙂 And I am not reading between the lines 😀


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