Old is New!


I’ve been thinking of up-cycling some of my old t-shirts for ages and finally got around to doing it. I had an old No Nasties t-shirt and a plain grey t-shirt from Pantaloons. I couldn’t wear them any longer because of some stains and holes. But I loved both of them and thought they would make a cute clutch. So began my first experiment sewing with knits!

blow your own blog 8

blow your own blog 7

I interfaced the fabric and then quilted it to add some structure and stability.

blow your own blog 6

The grey t-shirt made a lovely accent fabric.

blow your own blog 4

blow your own blog 5

This pretty butterflies fabric is the lining.

blow your own blog 3

I love how the clutch turned out! The soft t-shirts give it a lovely feel and the interfacing and batting give it good structure. Also, sewing the knits wasn’t really difficult.

blow your own blog 2

I quilted the back in simple diagonal lines and added a faux leather zipper pull.

Lots of both these t-shirts’ fabrics is left, which I’m saving to try a small patchwork quilt with.



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