We had to design a brand for an assignment in college. Everything about it from the name, logo, products catalogue, to the details like raw material sourcing and distribution network. I did that assignment with a lot of heart for I had always wanted to start my own brand some day.

I named by brand Rain because I love the moment just before it starts raining. When you hear the thunder, smell the earth and know that something really good is going to happen.

I started selling online two years back, on Shopo. I used the brand name Rain then. However the site soon got bought by Snapdeal and so I stopped selling there.

I now use the brand name Ujaas. But I’m still very fond of that initial idea, the beginning and those memories and I’m proud to say that when I did start my own store, it looked a lot like how I had planned in college.

rain shop front

This is the shop-front I had designed in college.


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